It is essential for a business to have some form of IT support, whether it is in house or outsourced locally within Dubai, UAE. Many company’s have an IT Service team to ensure any IT problems their company may run into, can be easily fixed. If it is not there then its a disaster for every business. Tektronix Technology Dubai based in UAE experienced how much a small IT problem can cause a business in to trouble and we highly advise you to make sure you have support available from us. Whether you’re an SME owner or a manager, we offer the IT support you need for your company. We offer a broad array of services, which will help you to maintain your IT systems on a day-to-day basis. From server monitoring to anti-virus protection, Desktop issues to Telephone system support, we can provide you with the highest quality services.

IT support for business is the term for a comprehensive package of services that covers all needs and requirements a modern business may have in relation to information technology. These services may include IT infrastructure support and maintenance, data safety and computer security services, email server administration, proprietary software development and application maintenance, electronic data exchange and documentation processing support, web mastering, computer training services for the staff, and other types of IT assistance. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a modern business not using any kind of IT support in its operation.

15-20 years ago even small businesses used to have on the team an IT computer support Dubai specialist who was typically a jack of all trades. Nowadays, fewer and fewer corporations still have an IT department, whereas most companies opt to get more versatile and all-inclusive 24/7 IT support from specialized business IT support providers. This makes perfect sense: a dedicated computer firm working on an IT support contract simply has more resources and knowledge than an in-house team, and often costs less.

Our IT Support Services in Dubai and Across UAE

If you are looking for IT support in Dubai, Tektronix Technology Systems will gladly provide just that. We offer a wide range of IT support services Dubai businesses may require. Our team members are seasoned professionals ready to use their collective versatility and expertise to solve any computer problems you may have – while bringing you the best value. We always strive to form a lasting business relationship with each client and, in addition to one-time projects and emergency aid, provide plenty of ongoing IT support services, such as network administration, PC performance monitoring, and advising the clients’ employees on the subject of best user practices.

Some of our IT support services:

  • Emergency IT Support.
  • Technical helpdesk service.
  • Remote IT support.
  • On-site IT assistance.
  • IT out-staffing.
  • Data recovery.
  • Networking service.