Tektronix Technology Systems LLC provides you world class GPRS tracking solutions to company’s worldwide. We are one of the leading GPRS solutions providers in Dubai. We have more than 100 satisfied clients all over the Dubai, U.A.E. Our unique Vehicle tracking systems help companies to manage their vehicles professionally. Our vehicle tracking system helps you to manage your commercial vehicles like Cars, Van’s buses, and trucks. Our solutions help companies to manage any vehicles and track them from anywhere in the world through Internet, Web-based vehicle tracking systems. GPS in Dubai, GPS solution in Dubai, GPS tracking in Dubai, bus GPS in Dubai, school bus GPS in Dubai, school bus camera, bus tracking Sharjah, school bus tracking in Dubai, school bus GPS, school bus tracking, school bus GPS solution in Dubai ,school bus tracking solution in Sharjah ,GPRS in Dubai ,school bus GPRS Sharjah

Using our web application interface, you can secure, monitor and visualize the exact location of your vehicle on our high-quality maps. The status table shows the operational status of all your vehicles together with speed, location and distance traveled. You can use reporting functionality to generate asset usage, speed, moving, idling, parking and distance reports. You can also check your vehicle location and status by SMS or by making a missed call. Immobilization is also possible.

We offer GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking Solution. Our GPS solution offers live web-based vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing the clock visibility and control of your mobile workforce from any internet-enabled PC. Our 100% web-based vehicle tracking system provides GPS in Dubai, GPS solution in Sharjah, GPS tracking in Dubai, GPS solution in bar Dubai,

  • Real-time reporting
  • Open street mapping with custom maps for overseas markets
  • Multi-vehicle map display
  • Full reporting suite with the ability to schedule reports to be delivered at your when and where you want them
  • Fully configurable interface
  • Points of Interest
  • Route replay
  • Free configurable emails alerts and optional SMS alerts
  • Log download option for accident analysis, speeding offenses etc.


  • Save on fuel costs by detecting excess idling and out of hours’ usage.
  • Know where your drivers are, that way you can pick the best vehicles for your jobs and keep your customers informed of where they are.
  • Manage your driver’s performance, speeding, and excessive speeding, harsh and emergency braking and harsh acceleration.
  • Keep on top of servicing and maintenance by scheduling service reminders for both plant equipment (hours) and vehicles (miles).
  • Peace of mind knowing your assets are secure, our Skyline system is used consistently to recover stolen items successfully.