Tektronix Technology Systems is one of the industry leader in Biometric Time Attendance System and Door Access Control for Home and Offices. We deal with leading brands like Matrix, HID, Fermax, ESSL, ZKTeco, Videx etc. Tektronix Technology Systems provides wide range of Biometric Time attendance solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. . Biometric Time Attendance systems helps companies, shops, corporates, hospitals, hotels, SME and Individuals to manage their workforce professionally with accurate data’s and reports. We Tektronix Technology Systems technology has more than five years of solid experience in providing biometric time attendance solutions for clients in around Dubai city. We offer various types of time attendance systems like biometric finger print device, pin, swipe card biometric device, face, proximity and hand punch time attendance device under one single roof.

Companies today require secure accesses to their facilities to prevent theft of equipment or data and to keep their employees safe. With many devices to choose from for your security requirements your desired security level is easy to reach.


Magnetic locks have been proven useful for securing doors via biometric, coded or carded security access devices. Access cards are commonly used for accesses to facilities and rooms in the facilities. A good access manager program on a server can be programmed to give access to the entire facility.

Tektronix Technology Systems offers a varied list and can customize according your security access design. Apart from Security you can also keep a track on employees Attendance with Time Attendance System. It can give you daily, weekly and monthly reports of employees attendance, holidays, overtime duty, late comings, shift timing etc and can generate reports with a single click. Also you can remotely monitor the staff strength if you are not locally present in the office.

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